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Upholstery Planet

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to inspire special needs individuals to make a business of what they love to do.
We support Henry's love of design, measuring, sewing, and tool working to create and sell one-of-a-kind sewing arts craft products. By purchasing his products you are helping a special person have a job and be successful. Wear it with pride and our gratitude! 

More about Henry:

Thank you for your interest in knowing more about Henry!
He spoke 5 words at the age of one and then stopped. We didn't hear from him again until he was 9 when he started reading street signs out loud on his way to school! Now at 25, Henry can speak his needs, and every now and then he surprises us with "What a beautiful scenery of the mountains" on his way to his grandmother's house. He is a smart and sensitive young man. He says, "I don't talk much", but we know he understands everything, and so with respect and patience he has blossomed into adulthood. His favorite hobby is automobile racing and if you ask him a question about racing you will get a complete and detailed answer, just amazing.
We started with upholstery skills at an adult school nearby, thinking of a vocation for him. We constructed two children's chairs from solid wood frames with faux bear fur and leather, it was a serious accomplishment, but we discovered he loves to sew and that is where we support him now. We have broken down the steps of sewing projects for him and he can do these now to perfection. He's had his online Etsy store since 2015 and it has been a wonderful experience for all of us, his modern family, and his support staff. If you are on Facebook, please like our page and follow him more personally! Thank you again for your support.
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