The Ultimate Cancer Zodiac Gift Guide

The Ultimate Cancer Zodiac Gift Guide

To buy the perfect gift for a Cancer friend, one must truly understand a Cancer friend. 

What birthdays fall within the Cancer horoscope?  

Cancer season is June 21-July 22, making them a water sign.

What are the top Cancer traits?

Your Cancer friend has a lot in common with their symbol, the crab! They're something of a homebody and tend to be a little moody and reclusive, but only because they're actually very sensitive and nurturing creatures. Cancer signs are ruled by the moon which makes them highly emotional. You really couldn't ask for a better friend- they're ride or die, but may neglect their own needs! 
Bearing all this in mind, we've compiled some of the best gifts you could possibly give your Cancer friend. 

Pro tip: Cancers are sentimental so if something reminds you of an inside joke or sweet memory with your friend, that gift is the one! 

Gifts Under $20

eye pin embellished with rainbow moonstone teardrop
This gorgeous 1" wide pin is embellished with an authentic rainbow moonstone tear drop. $13.50

tea drops gift box
Give the gift of a cup of tea and a quiet moment for reflection. This boxed set is $16, but there are several other flavor options available! 
ceramic mermaid tail mug
All this tea calls for a mug, no? This stunning ceramic siren mug is $15.
heatable lavender infused mushroom
The gift that keeps giving- a mushroom huggie warmer infused with lavender! $18
Moonstone ring
Moonstone is believed to stabilize emotions- this gorgeous ring with an adjustable alpaca silver band will certainly do the trick. Each ring is as unique as the person you're buying for. $14
houseplant wire bound notebook
What better gift for someone who needs to spend a little time taking care of themselves than a notebook? The Grow With Me notebook has 160 lined pages for all their innermost thoughts. $13
geometric fish in a fish bowl pin
Celebrate the water aspect with this unique fish bowl pin with a copper finish! $13.50
fluffy bunny slippers
Cancers tend to be homebodies and can always use an extra pair of slippers! These fluffy bunny slippers are soft as heck and have a non-slip grip on the bottom. $14
sexy mermen birthday card
Serve up some sexy sirens with this fantastic birthday card. $5

Gifts Above $20

grapefruit candle
Give your homebody a great smelling home with this grapefruit scented soy wax candle, hand-poured in LA. $36
triple goddess crescent moon necklace
This stunning triple goddess necklace is made in Sonoma, CA. The pendant is made from jeweler's brass and sits on an 18" gold-filled chain. $58
mermaid grotto art print
This whimsical 11"x14" Mermaid Lagoon art print by Idlewild will liven up any living space. $30
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