Store Founder, Jennifer Hill

I grew up in my mom’s beauty parlor, learning at an early age what it meant to have your own business. I’ve always known I wanted my own business, and Songbird is the manifestation of that dream.

I’m easily distracted by colorful plastic things and have been in a loving relationship with Hello Kitty since I was seven years old. I’m a dog person to my core, and yes, you most certainly can bring your dog into the store. In fact, you’d better.

Most of my life, I’ve felt like an outsider looking in which, trust me, is sometimes a good thing. I want people to feel accepted and welcome in my store no matter what they look like or what scene they’re into… unless of course you don’t have a sense of humor, in which case you probably shouldn’t come in.

I want to thank you for supporting Songbird Boutique, it literally feeds my family of two hungry boys- Jasper (15) and Beau (11)- two begging bulldogs- Butch (8) and Peaches (8)- and two peckish parakeets, that are nameless and who are sensitive about their ages. 

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About Songbird

The store is set up in sections or themes; someone once told me the store is like the inside of my mind, and I’m not really sure what that meant. Maybe because everything is compartmentalized or maybe because there are so many random parts that make up Songbird.