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Not another run-of-the-mill gift shop; Songbird is an invitation into the whimsical and wonderful world of Jennifer Hill, store founder, owner, and curator.

A visual delight, inspiring joy in every nook and cranny, finding humor in the everyday

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  • "It was like going on a treasure hunt!"

    Songbird was such a cute gift shop. They had a great variety and had items organized by different categories and vibes. I liked that they had a little something for everyone and that the store was well organized with plenty of room to browse without feeling claustrophobic...

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  • "One of my ALL TIME favorite shops to buy one of a kind gifts for myself & others!!!"

    The entire display in the window is always well thought out & put together & I love how inside the store changes themes as you go.. You can tell that whoever owns this store is so on point with what's radical⚡... As for me, I will continue to come here every few months & support small biz bc if I frequent it too much, I'll spend all my $$$...

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  • "I could lose my money quickly in this store"

    I could lose my money quickly in this store. With unique and interesting knickknacks, stickers, and other collectibles running from occult to music, from tiki to cottage-core, it was easy to find something for everyone in your life.

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