Are you scared to ask what TEETH WEEK is? Don't be! It can't hurt you. 


Honestly, it's just something we made up. We're celebrating it from July 12th-July 16th. Throughout the week we'll be posting to our instagram to share some of our favorite teeth-related products, facts, activities, and bizarre personal anecdotes!

Here's a little preview of what you can expect to see: 

Some locally made oddities (this one was sculpted by Kristina Drake)

tooth paperweight

A tutorial on how to make vampire teeth out of fake fingernails

vampire teeth made with fake fingernails
Our favorite toothy products, including this cotton canvas tote bag with vintage dental illustrations 
cotton canvas tote bag with vintage tooth illustrations


Fingernails are the teeth of the hands! Check out these cute fingernail wraps. 
citrus grove fingernail wrap kit
Some shark facts- like this one: did you know a shark can produce over 20,000 teeth in their lifetime???
shark attack iron-on patch
We'll take a peek at  Tlahuelpuchi, the vampire of Mexican lore!
Tlahuelpuchi graphic tee
We might even share some of our favorite personal dental anecdotes, from the gross to the silly to the strangely spiritual. Will you join us?


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