Policies and FAQ

 Songbird Boutique Retro Row unique gifts


How long will it take my order to ship? 

We'll get your order on it's way to you in three business days.

Do you accept returns?

At this time we do not accept returns. 

What if my order arrives damaged?

Your order was inspected before shipping and was insured. If your order was damaged please contact the carrier and open a claim. 

What if my order never arrives?

We'll provide you a tracking number at the time of shipment. If the order does not arrive in a timely manner, you can contact the shipping carrier to open a claim. 

What if my question wasn't answered here? 

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us at songbirdboutique@gmail.com

Thank you for supporting a small, momma-owned business! 

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Email us at songbirdboutique@gmail.com or stop by the boutique today!

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